For a Progressive Left

Now we have founded a new political group within the European Left. We are left social democrats, democratic socialists, humanists and anti-authoritarian leftists, who want to form and improve the European Left and the European Union.

Our policy is democratic and socialistic. We refuse to accept authoritarian power structures and the dominant ideology of our times: neoliberalism. At the same time, democracy for us is just a means to an end, to form a society, in which humanity, individualism and equality of all people is normality, and never the eternal ultima ratio.

We oppose religious dogmas and the patriarchat. Religious ethics for us is an instrument for elitist leadership, which we want to end. Thereby we are in the Marxist tradition.

We are consequently for a social-ecological change of our economy and society. Capitalism is a fascistic and anti-democratic economic system, which we want to end to the benefit of a solidary economy, in which a modern environmental policy is practised. The economy has to serve all the people and not just the capitalists.

Within the International System, we want to assume responsibility for implementing peace. We refuse to take part in imperial wars and we are against inhuman military measures. On the other side we support measures of peacekeeping and peace enforcement by the United Nations, when they are aimed for helping people all over the world, to secure their physical, social and economical existence. That is the way we implement the human rights to life and social security.

Pacifism and policy of peace for us means, that we are not naive relating to military dangers, but practising a rational, defensive, humanitarian and diplomatic foreign policy and defense policy, to keep our peace and make contribution to world peace.

We are consequently for a strong Europe and want to support the process of the European Integration. This means the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty, the common legal policy, the common domestic policy, the Common Security and Defence Policy, the European Stability Mechanism and the European Fiscal Compact.

We are antifascists, support free education and the rights of young people.

We want a strong welfare state, which has to be coordinated by the European Union in the future. This is part of our internationalist identity. We want to support the integration of immigrants and to form a society, in which human rights are respected and everybody has the opportunity to live his life individual and without any worries.

For a Progressive Left! For a Progressive European Left Party!

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