American soldiers are my friends, US-governments are the class enemy

I wrote, that americans should die alone in their imperial wars. I identified this as the dominant strategy for european foreign politics and our security interests.

Well, this is a hard value judgement for american NATO-allies and especially for american soldiers, because at the end it is them, who suffer and die as well as the Afghans and Iraqis in those two brutal imperial oil wars, fightened for the interest of the capitalist, of the Western economic establishment. Including the human follow-up costs, already 1 million people died just for resources, ideology and new markets.

Incited by their government they are the victims as well as german troops, as soldiers are just like nothing more than a tool for the politicians. They fight on the wrong side, I think. They should blame their own governments and the capitalistic elite of their own country for those two wars are on the criminal intend of religious fanatic Christians, who are not better than the Islamists themselves.

In the US, there is the Washington Consensus, as Noam Chomsky describes it in his work „Profit over People“. Nobody really criticises capitalism and imperial military actions, but this is just a result of mass manipulation through the media by the politicians within the system. But capitalism is an imperial and fascistic eonomic system, that causes hunger in the Third World by US-protectionism, which is a nationalist ideology, but realism for the sake of conservation of status quo. Radical criticism is more than neccesary, but in all US-Universities, there are just neoliberal realists, who are Professors, in Economy, Social Science, Philosophy and Political Science. There are simply no structuralists, idealism are just athoritarian evangelicals and istitutionalists are just like military scientists, who work for the Army and acting on order of the neoliberal regime.

For it is not the american soldier nor the normal US-citizens I want to get killed and therefor my concerning about this topic, I much more think, that those who decide for wars, should take weapon and the bag on their own first, before they send troops into war for their own economic benefit. This is just because american politicians are all criminal bastards, „good fellas“ and/or straw dolls for bourgeois-ideology. They are bad paraphrasers of neoliberal realists and bad institutionalist, those vulgar scientists in the Pentagon, who are all just stupid idiots and jam-heads beeing authoritarian philosophers just paraphrasing Christian anti-humanist ethics on the basis of evangelical patriarchat, which is a violent ideology against both: man and women are suppressed. The men are fascinating each other with military actions and honours, women´s feminism is a racist ideology against men and themselves. For instance Condolezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice are for me like Eva Braun, Magda Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl. All fascist personalities, who are just Homo economicus and identity claimer for just nothing they did for the benefit of the US-citizens.

What comes from the strategics in the Pentagon is just ideology of hate, which follows the same authoritarian logic as the Iranian dictator Ahmadinedschad or Osama bin Laden. This is not science, this is just reactionaire ideology in Social science, Political science and Philosophy. Their critics, as for instance Noam Chomsky, Allan Bloom, Edward S. Herman or Edward Said are all just moralists, because there is never a political majority for a democratic change in foreign politics or in social politics, as long as there is not a free parliament like EU-parliament or Knesset in Israel. This is a symptom for a falling Empire, that violated the world for too long and killed more people since 1945 than Nazi-Germany in World War II. American society is a regressive, aggressive society dominated by violence, which is simply like Nazi-Germany or Soviet Union under KPdSU-regime. Neoliberals are all argumenting like Stalin and Goebbels, acting just for their own benefit against all others.

US-strategists are stupid, because they are all authoritarian personalities, holding their population in unnececsary poverty as a result of a bad social and health policy and therefor their economic crisis. And they have to be imperial militarily and that is for their own decline. Governing by violence against their own citizens is the cause for their instability. A two-party system is simply a method for „Gleichschaltung“ of the hole society for the benefit of Pentagon interests and the interests of the capitalistic elite.

Well, somehow you should fear the fall of US-empire, because they could produce a massive worldwide overkill with their weapon arsenal, but: we Europeans are much stronger as an intellectual power and with the rule of law on our side, as international cooperation is an inclusive system of social justice. Our imperialism is much more influenced by humanist theory and pluralist democracy and: we export wealth and humanist values much more by political and economic inclusion.

The more US-americans die as a result of their wrong foreign politics that produces hate against themselves, the better for free Europe and our Russian friends. Old America, may you rot and burn in hell for your stupidness, may your corrupt governments fall, so that the american people can live in freedom and peace and wealth. The end of american military world supremacy is the beginning of freedom, wealth, peace and equality for all other nations, especially for the Third World. US-governments are the class enemy for the people of all other countries, by dominating simply all international institutions by structural and direct violence, especially United Nations and NATO.

I can see no difference between Bush and Hitler and Obama is a fascist national-socialist dictator like Lukaschenko in Belarus. This situation is a mess, but we can not do anything against it, but to tell the truth. There should be a democratic uprise by the american people, who have like just a bit of intelligence and a good heart. Just an uprise against capitalists and politics and against the dominance of religion can help US to an anti-authoritarian welfare-state like in Israel or European Union.

US-american soldiers are my friends, because they are just a tool acting as a result of the violence of their criminal governments. Those who refuse to obey the orders of their politicians are for me heros like Helmut Schmidt, Oskar Schindler or Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. Resistance to the US-governments and the Pentagon is necessary, to end the murder machine of the US-Army, which has already killed more people than the German “Wehrmacht“. There can be asylum for all american dissidents in the European Union. Authoritarian politicians in Pentagon, US-governments and evangelical neoliberal scolars are good minds, because their bigotry is the end of US-empire, like when the British empire falled.

New World supremacy will be a connection of free Europe with Russia, just by the time, when there is a second democratic party or coalition gaining power in the Duma by free elections. There will be a zone of free trade, eonomic growth, freedom, peace and social stability from Lisboa to Wladiwostok. And we will be the ones who help China and the African countries to the same way for wealth, peace and freedom.

Most of that is the work of almost 70 years of integrative politics of social democrats, especially Helmut Schmidt, Willy Brandt, Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Helmut Kohl, François Mitterrand, and also Michael Gorbatchev, Jose Manuel Barroso and Wladimir Putin. All of them are in favour of a modern humanist foreign politics on the basis of economic, social and political integration as the new European Constitution and the Russian Constitution documents. For the future, economic stability, welfare and pluralist democracy are the axioms of an uprising superpower – The European Union. All this happens as a result of the philosophical theories of Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant and in my eyes should be fulfilled by the political and economic thoughts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

It is up to the americans to change their politics in international relations, economy, social policy and public health, so that they can be part of that new strategy. Otherwise they will fall into a state of evil, that is pretty much not different from circumstances in Iran or North Korea.

Just the fact that there are weapons, does not mean, that there is security, as for instance islamist networks like Al-Qaeda, that still exists and after the killing of Osama bin Laden has a martyr for their struggle to rule the world under islamic sharia doctrine, still operate even within the US with their capital. They are using guerilla tactics and mafia methods to destroy the weak state administration in the USA.

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