On September 11th, 2001

In this short article, I want to concern about the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, what happened after that and how Europeans should act now for their own security interests.

After the attack on WTC in 2001, german chancelor Gerhard Schröder declared solidarity without any doubt, as there where strong relations between Western Germany and USA up to 1990. Well, maybe this wasn`t that wrong at this moment, but what happened afterwards in the last ten years?

First, there was an attack on Afghanistan, an imperial oil war, which even Germany is still part of, althought majority of the german citizens is clearly against this military intervention. Alone in this war, more than 100.000 people died just for ideology, new markets and resources.

The next step of the american Neocons under the Bush-doctrin, was an attack on Iraq. Fortunately, german Foreign Minister Joseph Fischer set a clear stop sign against this war by saying: „I am not convinced.“, whereas Angela Merkel would have been on the side of those religious fanatics in US-government. Not to sent troops to Iraq was the right choice of the SPD/Green-coalition. In both wars together, until now more than 200.000 for sure, but if you calculate it together with human follow-up costs, there may be more than 1 million, mostly innocent dead people. In comparison to that, the 3.000 dead people in this one terrorist act on September 11th 2001 is like just nothing.

At the end you have to come to the conclusion, that NATO-politics, lead by US-governments is not only harmful for the security of US-citizens, but for Germany, the European Union and Russia as well, as there are still terrorist attacks and Al-Qaeda as a terrorist formation still exists. US-governments still set their own rules like in the Wild West not according to any international law.

Well, the dominant strategy for European Union changed immediately in the last years. We, as a formation of freedom, economic growth and peace have to take care for our security on our own. For me, this means not to act violently in foreign politics, as US-politics did the last decades. And using logic and mathematical calculation it is hard, but obviously truth: The more US-americans and their soldiers die alone in their imperial wars or as a result of it, the better for the security, economy and individual freedom of the people in the European Union. To not cooperate in any way with the US-administrations is a dominant strategy for Europeans and their security interests. I guess the american attacks at the end will not pay off for the american people, maybe just for some people, their capitalistic establishment. This is surely the beginning of the fall of US-world supremacy, which anyway is just a barbaric tyranny. With military actions in the name of God, you cannot win against international terrorism, and at the end this only shows, that neoliberal Christians follow the same authoritarian logic of violence as the Islamist themselves.

Now, NATO is at the end. There are two new options: Either a new pact between the two superpowers USA and Russia alone, as the cooperation in Afghanistan between Russia and USA after Obamas visit in Russia shows. Or, a peaceful coalition for democracy, maybe a cooperation between USA, EU including Israel, Russia and India. I am more in favour of the second one, but this would mean, that all actors are on a par with each other and that US-politics really changes.

European Union has again a very important role for implementing peace in the world, but we cannot and we would not think, that war leads to peace. It is like in the song of Paul McCartney „Live and let die“ – Live our freedom and let americans die alone in their stupid wars, as they are harmful for our security interests and not for our economic benefit. For me, a new millitary alliance between Russia and EU or even Russia as part of EU is much more a garant for peace, instead of any kind of cooperation with USA, as long as americans do not accept the rule of law.

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